A Code Jerks Blog

First of all, welcome to my blog.  I appreciate your coming here and checking things out.  There isn’t much here right now, and only a couple posts (more on that later), but I plan on adding at least three times a week.  It would be nice to get to once a day, but there just aren’t enough hours.

Please check out some of my handy little code snippets on GitHub.

So back to why there are only a couple of posts here so far.  On the prior incarnation of The Code Jerk there was a lot of content.  Then I made a mistake.  A fatal mistake.  A mistake that no seasoned programmer should ever make.  I didn’t keep a backup.

Now, I am notorious for keeping backups.  Backups for everything.  I’m talking reams of CDs and mem sticks.  But for some reason, I just never got around to backing up my blog posts.  With my code, I’ve got Git right there in my face.  Probably didn’t even spend a millisecond of thought on it.  Well, at first the blog was just kind of an experiment, but as I worked on it, I began to like it.  But I never backed up  and that became habit.

The old blog incarnation had a different URL and I really wanted it to start with codejerk (or something similiar).  So I setup a new wordpress site and began the process of transferring from one domain to the other.

Sneaky little things, those little things that get you.  You don’t see them coming, think you are safe and then BAM – it’s got you by the balls.

Since I went the free way, for it was still only “an experiment” in my mind, the webhost only allowed one database per account.  So when setting up the WP, I was notified that the original database had to be removed.  Thinking I had copied everything, I clicked to go ahead and delete the original database.

frustrated-smileyGuess what?  I hadn’t transferred the database over.  It was gone, all gone.

Stupid right?  I don’t mean accidentally deleting the database, but not having it backed up in the first place.

Lesson learned, even backup my junk.  Now excuse me while I go backup this post.